Sato Ha International offers Kobudo (weapons) training and instruction under the leadership of Sensei Roy Tippenauer.

Sato Ha Kobudo Hombu Dojo - Campbell River

Sensei Roy Tippenauer:  Sato Ha Kobudo Chief Instructor

7th  Degree Black Belt    Sato Ha Karate

4th  Degree Black Belt    Sato Ha Kobudo

Sensei Tippenauer has lived, worked and trained in Campbell River, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. since 1980. 

Sensei Tippenauer believes that Karate and Kobudo training offer many benefits including physical fitness, mental focus, confidence, and the ability to protect ones self if necessary. He firmly believes that people of all ages can enjoy success in both Karate and Kobudo.

Currently, Sensei Tippenauer provides individual and group instruction to people of ages and abilities at his Campbell River Dojo and surrounding communities.

Recently, due to Covid 19 concerns, Sensei Tippenauer  has been providing virtual instruction. 

The Sato Ha Kobudo system is designed to provide students with graduated learning experiences that people of all ages and levels  can participate in. Experience in Karate not required. 
The Sato Ha Kobudo Kyu system is designed so that at each belt level participants will learn and develop skills with a new weapon. 
Yellow Belt      Bo
Orange Belt    Nunchaku - Bo
Green Belt      Sai - Bo - Nunchaku 
Blue Belt        Tonfa - Sai - Bo - Nunchaku
Brown Belt      Kama - Tonfa - Sai - Bo - Nunchaku

Please stay tuned to the website and our Facebook page for upcoming training details.