Join us in a series of fundraisers for Aurora Protter, a young girl facing the new diagnosis of a brain tumor

The medical term for my current personal health issue is Vestibular schwannoma ( VS) which is a benign primary intracranial tumor of the myelin-forming cells of the vestibulocochlear nerve (8th cranial nerve). A type of schwannoma, this tumor arises from the Schwann cells responsible for the myelin sheath that helps keep peripheral nerves insulated.

I am booked to surgery on January 29th, 2021 in Vancouver, BC. The surgical process will involve 3
neurosurgeons who will remove the tutor during a 10 - 12 hour operation. The operation is designed to
remove the tumor, which should result in relief from increasingly intense headaches and eliminate the negative effects of the tumor on my eyesight.

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